VU Information System (VU IS) provides the ability for students and employees access and manage their studies or work information and process. Before using VU IS, user must register in VU Identity Manager and activate VU IS e-service.

VU Information system is available at

Students and staff in VU Information System has separate environment with different modules.


For Students

Student in his environment can:

  • See exam schedule and results;
  • See study programme plan and choose optional subjects;
  • See scholarship information and print tuition fee receipts;
  • Register and upload final and middterm paper or thesis;
  • Participate in university surveys.


For Employees

For university staff, depending on work area, there are available several modules:

  • Study module;
  • Personnel management and wages module;
  • Finance module;
  • Self service module (available for all);
  • Other modules (document management system etc.).

By default employee after VU IS e-service activation in VU Identity Manager system can access only Self service module. If You need access to other modules (for example Study module if You are professor and have study course), pelase contact Your department administration.