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1. Registration on IDM

1.1. Please, click the link , switch to English.
(You will see your new login name after registration)

1.2. Enter Student No and the date of your birth  (Personal Number is just for Lithuanian citizens or for persons who got it up temporary for living at dormitory). 

1.3. Enter Student No and the Birth Date (Personal Number is just for Lithuanian citizens).

1.4. Create your password (it must be between 8 and 64 characters’ length. Must contain a mix of minimum 1 number, minimum 1 uppercase and 1 lowercase letters and minimum 1 symbol, except /:!%|$Number of repetitive, adjacent characters cannot exceed 2.

1.5. Create Security answers for the Security Questions.

1.6. Enter your Alternative e-mail address (it is for recreating password when it is forgotten).

1.7. Log Out.

More information is here 'e-Services - VU IT paslaugų dokumentacija - VU ITPC dokumentacija'.

2. Activation of Student Account

It is necessary to activate Student Account after registration on ID system.

2.1. Please, click the link and log in.

2.2. Please, confirm that You have read the safety documents and agree to comply with their requirements.


2.3. Opens Study Information System area. Change Language to EN.

2.4. When opens e-Student area, User can explore all e-Services for student.

2.5. Please, pay attention to services such as e-mail for students and virtual learning environment

More information is here 'e-Services - VU IT paslaugų dokumentacija - VU ITPC dokumentacija'.

3. E-mail Server  for students.

The Мail server for students is available on

3.1. Click the link

3.2. Select ‚Prisijungti‘ (Connect)

3.3. Enter Your email address of Vilnius University.

3.4. Connection is proceeding

3.5. Select 'VU STUDENTS' in the table

3.6. Enter Username and Password, where Username is eID.

3.7. Set Time Zone for Calendar.

3.8. Opens windows with Microsoft Cloud programs for students for free.

3.9. Set Time Zone for Calendar

3.10. Set Language (3.10.1) and Time Zone (3.10.2) for Outlook and save it.



3.11. Opens Outlook windows

3.12. You can use MS Office programs by selecting app on the top left corner of the opened window.

More information is here 'e-Services - VU IT paslaugų dokumentacija - VU ITPC dokumentacija'.

4. Virtual Learning Environment

Virtual Learning Environment (or MOODLE) are accessable in towo ways - by loging into Study Information System (look above at No. 2.5. point) or by using the Internet browser (click )

4.1. For Moodle click  and press (Log in). Do the same steps as it shown above on a point No. 2.1. 

More information is here 'e-Services - VU IT paslaugų dokumentacija - VU ITPC dokumentacija'.

5. Configuration of Virtual Private Network (VPN) on devices

VU VPN - VU Centre of Information Technology Development­ provide service to use Computer Network safely. It enables VU users to access internal systems and services.

VU VPN users must comply with Computer Network Acceptable Use Policy.

There is no need to use VPN being connected to VU computer network. You can check if You need to use VU VPN here.

All network activity is monitored. In case of inappropriate activity VPN service can be suspended.

VU VPN benefits

VU VPN allows users access of VU computer network resources from remote locations.
Main usage scenarios:

  • Accessing of VU library subscribed E-resources (full text article databases etc.).
  • Activating of VU licensed Microsoft products.
  • Administrating of systems with access restrictions from outside networks.



  • Login: eID number;
  • Password: Your VU Identity manager system password.

For more information click

6. WiFi Network 'eduroam'

eduroam - worldwide academic wifi network (more information) for students, employees and guests with eduroam access (if they have eduroam at their home institution).

eduroam (Education Roaming) is the secure, world-wide roaming access service developed for the international research and education community.

It allows students, researchers and staff from participating institutions to obtain Internet connectivity across campus and when visiting other participating institutions.

eduroam wireless network is available at the following reception areas, users must comply to Vilnius university network usage rules.

Configuration by your computer's or device's operating system

If You are using any other system, please try to connect using main network parameters.

If You have computer or mobile device with operating system not present in available instructions, please use the following network parameters:

  • Network name (SSID): eduroam
  • Security type: WPA2-Enterprise
  • Encryption type: AES
  • Network authentication method: PEAP (Protected EAP)
  • Authentication method: EAP-MSCHAPv2


  • Login: Your VU e-mail address;
  • Password: Your VU Identity manager system password.

More information is here 'e-Services - VU IT paslaugų dokumentacija - VU ITPC dokumentacija'.

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