I. Installing VU Cisco AnyConnect package

1. Download VU Cisco AnyConnet package.

Cisco Anyconnect installation package for MacOS

Open downloaded package for installation.

2. Start install.

3. Press "Continue“.

4.  Press "Continue“ .

5.  "Agree“ to the terms of the licence agreement.

6. Press "Install".

7. Provide your macOS system administrator password and press "Install Software“.

8. In message window press "Open Preferences“.

9. Continue to Security Preferences.

10. Press "Allow“ to enable Cisco application system components.

11. Press "Close" to finish install.

II. Using VU Cisco AnyConnect client

12. Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client can be fount in "Finder“ > "Applications“ list...

... or using system search.

13. In connection window, please enter server address: vpn2.vu.lt.

14. Next, enter your VU eID (VU Electronic ID from id.vu.lt) information:

  • Username - VU Electronic ID (eID, i.e 1234567),
  • Password - VU Electronic ID password.

15. After connected successfully, indication will appear in menu bar.

16. To disconnect, select AnyConnect icon in menu bar and press "Disconnect“.

III. Using openconnect client

Sometimes after macOS update Cisco AnyConnect client may not work correctly and it is not possible to get a new version at all times. Described problem occurred for users after update to Catalina using AnyConnect 4.5 version.

The solution to this problem is to try open source VPN client openconnect.

Useful links:

Installation procedure

 1. Press Command+Space, write Terminal and when press enter/return.

2. Enter (for the Homebrew driver package) in the terminal:

ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Homebrew/install/master/install)" < /dev/null 2> /dev/null

and when press enter/return .

The system will ask to enter the password of the administrator. The installation may take a while.

3. After that, enter and run command:

brew install openconnect

Download and installation process of all packets may take some time.


Connectiing with openconnect

 1. To connect in terminal with administrator privileges (sudo) enter:

sudo openconnect vpn2.vu.lt

Provide system administrator password whe asked.

After that you should enter VU eID and password.

2. Disconnect from VPN server (in terminal) using following commend (terminates VPN process):

Ctrl + C

In older macOS versions openconnect-gui requires Xcode package.