There are two ways to connect to VU Cisco AnyConnect in:

  • Using distribution packages
  • Using an official Cisco AnyConnect client

I. Using packages provided by the distribution (e.g. Ubuntu)

  • Installing the OpenConnect package the command line is sufficient:
    sudo apt-get install openconnect

 Join with command:
     sudo openconnect

     Ctrl + c on the terminal

  • You can install a plugin for managing the graphical environment for Gnome:
    sudo apt-get install network-manager-openconnect-gnome

II. Using a Cisco AnyConnect client

Cisco Anyconnect Linux Installation Pack (64-bit):

  1. Make the downloaded file executable (chmod command) and run the installation ( / ...):

  2. Create a new VPN profile for the Network settings:

  3. Select the type of Cisco AnyConnect Compatible VPN.

  4. Enter a name (for your convenience), select a protocol and specify the server address

  5. There are two ways to sign in:

  6. Enter your VU E-username ( login and password when connecting.
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