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In „Windows“ OS recommended VPN connection method is VU Cisco Anyconnect VPN which is described below.

1. Using the AnyConnect client provided by VU

I. Installing VU Cisco AnyConnect

1. Please download and install VU Cisco AnyConnet client software.

Installation package (download)

Installation process:

2.Run“ downloaded package.

3. Click „Next“.

4. Then:

  • A - Accept terms of license
  • B  - Click „Next“ .

5. In next window click „Install“

6. Allow program to make changes to your computer ( click „Yes“ )

7. Then select „Finish“.

II. Using VU Cisco AnyConnect

1. Find client software in a list and run it.

2. Please check Cisco AnyConnect client settings:

Click Advanced Window (A) , in open window select Preferences (B).

Use settings Minimize AnyConnet on VPN connect (C) and Block connections to untrusted servers (D)

3. Enter VPN server address and click „Connect“ (please check every time if correct server address is used ( )

3. VU eID should be used as credentials:

  • A - Username - VU eID (1234567 etc.),
  • B - Password - VU eID password for e-services
  • C - click „OK“.

4. When connected „Connected to and Cisco AnyConnet icon is shown.

Press „Disconnect“ to end connection.

2. Using a client application from the Microsoft Windows 10 Application Store.

For newer versions of Windows 10, you can install the AnyConnect VPN client from the Microsoft Store.

You can find more about the client program here...

1. Find the Microsoft Store in the list of programs.

2. Find AnyConnect in the App Store and run the installation.

3. After successful installation, launch the program and select Manage VPN connections in the window that opens.

4. Select to add a new VPN profile.

5. Select the VPN type, enter a name (for your convenience) and server address, and save the settings.

6. The next time you start the VPN, you can right-click on the network icon and select the saved VPN connection.

7. Select the newly created VPN profile and click the login button.

8. Select a VU group and continue.

9. Enter your VU eID and password.

10. Remember to log out after use.