Automatic configuration

Installation steps:

  • Go to VU eduroam Configuration Assistant Tool page;
  • Select an installer for MS Windows 7;
  • Save it in your hard drive and/or run installation process;
  • In "Username" field provide your VU e-mail address;
  • Enter your "Password";
  • Continue and finish the installation;
  • In Wi-Fi network list select "eduroam" and connect to it.



Manual configuration

Manual configuration of Eduroam wireless network in Windows 7 consists of  two main parts:

  1. VU security certificate installation
  2. Wireless network configuration

I. Installing VU security certificate


Before configuring "eduroam" wireless network, VU CA security certificate must be installed. Please download it from the following link: .


Open file VU_CA.crt :


1. Select "Open" to continue installation.

2. In opened "Certificate" window select "Install Certificate".

 3. In "Certificate Import Wizard" window click "Next"...

 4. In next window:
A. Select "Place all certificates in the following store";
B. Click "Browse" button.

 5. In newly opened "Select Certificate Store" window:
A. Select "Trusted Root Certification Authorities" folder;
B. Click "OK" to continue.

 6. In "Certificate Import Wizard" click "Next"...

7. and "Finish".

 8. In "Security Warning" select "Yes".

 9. Close "The import was successful" window by clicking "OK".

 10. Lastly, close "Certificate" window by clicking "OK".

VU security certificate installed successfully.


II. Configuring wireless network


Following instructions show how to configure Eduroam wireless network in „Microsoft Windows 7” with standard system wireless network configuration tools.


When using third party wireles network configuration tools, procedure can differ.


1. Using standard "Windows" wireless network configuration environment:
A. Click with mouse on network icon;
B. Select "Network and Sharing Center".

2. In newly opened window select "Manage wireless networks".

3. In "Manage Wireless Networks" window click "Add".

4. In next window select "Manually create a network profile".

5. In "Manually connect for the wireless network" window:

A. Insert name of the wireless network: eduroam;
Select security type: WPA2-Enterprise;
Select security type: AES;
Choose "Start this connection automatically";
E. Click "Next" to continue.


6. In next window choose "Change connection settings".

7. In "Connection" section select "Connect automatically when this network is in range".


8. In "Security" section select following settings (click on image for larger view):
A. Security type: WPA2-Enterprise;
B. Encryption type: AES;
C. Authentication method: Protected EAP (PEAP);
D. Select this option if You do not want to enter login and password every time connecting to network;
E. Select VU security certificate options;
F. Select this option to automatically confirm previously selected security certificates;
G. Authentication method: EAP-MSCHAP v2;
H. Uncheck this option to not use Windows logon name and password;
I. Select authentication mode: "User or computer authentication".



9. After correct network parameters are saved, new dialog "Additional information is required to connect eduroam" will appear. Select it with mouse.


10. In "Network Authentication" window:

A. Enter Your Eduroam username (Your VU e-mail address);

B. Enter You password;

C. Click "OK" to continue.


11. When connecting to "eduroam", network indication will change. 


12. After successfully connected, select "Public network" for "eduroam" network.


13. You have successfully connected to "eduroam" wireless network. Close window to end configuration process.


If You have any questions regarding Eduroam network in Vilnius university, please contact us by email