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  • All individually allocated usernames, passwords, e-mail addresses and privileges are for the exclusive use of the individual to whom they are allocated and must not be divulged to the third parties. The login name and password are forbidden to be shared in any way with any other person - it is the User's responsibility to keep the password secure. The User is personally responsible and accountable for all activities carried out under his/her username. Vilnius University is not liable for any damages and losses incurred while using VU computer network services.
  • Vilnius University Computer Network resources are provided for teaching, learning and research purposes. It is forbidden to use University IT or Network facilities for private or commercial purposes, for creation, transmission, storage, downloading, or display of any offensive, obscene, indecent, or menacing images, data or other material or data that could be used into such images or material. User must accordance with ethical principles and take personal responsibility transmitting an information due computer network.

  • Any software and/or hard copy can‘t be copied or used without the permission of the system administrator or copyright owner. Unauthorized access to computers is prohibited.
  • Writing or transmitting electronic chain letters (spam) is considered as one of the major breaches of computer ethics.
  • The user must comply with the requirements defined in the Vilnius University rules, use the instructions and not exceed the limits set for electronic services.
  • If the User does not follow the rules or violates them, he/she is restricted temporarily or permanently to access VU electronic services.
  • The User loses rights to the electronic services provided by VU when he/she graduates or no longer works at the University.

  • The User must comply with the use of the VU computer network rules.